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Welcome to Muskie Thrills!

Muskie Thrills was established over 15 years ago to make Wiley Lures available online to our US and Canadian customers.  As most of you already know, Wiley Lures is a one-man operation and has been around for over 30 years.  Each lure is individually hand crafted from cedar, air brush painted with top quality polyurethane then double coated with clear coat to add extra shine and durability.  The unique layering process used when painting these lures creates intricate colors, scales and patterns that accurately portray the look of musky, walleye, perch and more. This meticulous process and attention to detail assure you get a top-quality, dependable product!

Wiley Lures are available in over 34 unique colors in 4 sizes - 5-1/2" Musky Killer (Jointed); 6" Deep Diver (Straight); 7-1/2" Headshaker (Jointed); and the 8" Musky Killer (Jointed).  Each lure is individually tested in a local pond to assure proper action, each Wiley Lure comes to you ready to hit the water right out of the box!

How Deep Will They Go, you ask???  All Wiley Lures can be used for either casting or trolling.  We have created some basic guidelines of APPROXIMATE achievable depth based on 5 MPH trolling speed with 40' of line out.  Remember, these are guidelines ONLY and variables such as line weight, line length, trolling speed, etc. ALL affect achievable depth. Short line = shallow depth; long line = deeper depth.  5-1/2" Musky Killer - 6'; 6" Deep Diver - 14'; 7" Headshaker and 8" Muskie King - 10'.  Experiment for optimum results!

Accidents happen.  If your Wiley Lure ends up with a chip or knick in the paint, we highly recommend sealing it with clear nail polish to preserve quality and endurance.

We proudly treat each and every Muskie Thrills customer fairly and with respect.  All orders are processed in the order in which they are received.  We do not offer volume discounts nor do we entertain any offers to pay a premium for faster delivery.  All requests to do so will be ignored and promptly deleted.